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The Purchasing Department was created in 1982 by Mayor Antonio Marino to centralize all procurement activity for the City of Lynn in response to new procurement regulations defined by the State Legislature. The Purchasing Department processes all procurement requests for all Municipal Departments and the School Department using the MUNIS System as the primary database. In 1999, the purchasing process became fully automated with direct input of all requests for material through purchase order placement.

The Purchasing Department's mission is to administer the use of the applicable Massachusetts General Laws, MGL, to all procurements to guarantee fair and level competition resulting in the best value to the City of Lynn.

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Timothy D. Leonard
(781) 598-4000
(781) 477-7027

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Statutory Requirements

Various Massachusetts General Laws regulate all procurement activity depending on type and estimated value. MGL, Chapter 30B, Sections 1-19, commonly known as the Uniform Procurement Code, governs the procurement of supplies and services.

Procurement methods under Chapter 30B are varied. For procurements under $5000, the Purchasing Agent must employ sound business practices. For procurements of $5000 or more but less then $25,000, a minimum of three oral or written quotations must be solicited. For procurements of $25,000 or more, competitive sealed bids or proposals must be solicited through public advertisements.

• MGL, Chapter 30, Section 39M, governs all public works construction projects such as road and sidewalk work where the estimated value of the project is in excess of $10,000.

• MGL, Chapter 149, Section 44A-J, governs all public building construction, maintenance, remodeling, and repair.

• MGL, Chapter 7, Section 38A1/2-O, governs the acquisition of design services for all public works construction or public works building projects where the estimated value of the project is in excess of $100,000.

• Procurements made under MGL, Chapter 30, Section 39M, Chapter 149, Section 44A-J, and Chapter 7,Section 38A1/2-O, must be made via public advertisements.

Information Requests

The Commonwealth considers most data regarding procurements made by the City under the above statutes public information. Any request for data can be made in writing to this office through the Freedom of Information Act.


New Vendors

Any vendors wishing to become an approved supplier to the City of Lynn for supplies or services should forward a letter of introduction. The letter of introduction, on company letterhead, shall include all pertinent business information including a list of supplies and/or services for which you wish to be considered.


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