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Lynn Parks and Recreation Department is a division of the Lynn Department of Public Works and provides year-round recreational programs including sports clinics, park programs, recreational activities and entertainment outings that meet the needs of all Lynn residents from youths to seniors.

Recreation is an essential service to the community through which we strive to enhance the quality of life of Lynn residents by offering various activities provided though the city. Click on any topic at the left to view details and information.

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Lynn Parks & Recreation is a Division of the Lynn Department of Public Works.

List DPW Commissioner
Andrew Hall
(781) 268-8000 and (781) 477-7099
(781) 477-7074
250 Commercial Street Lynn, MA 01905
List DPW Associate Commissioner
Lisa Nerich
(781) 268-8000
(781) 477-7074
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Summer Hours
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106 Pennybrook Road | Lynn, Ma 01905
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Monday through Friday | 8 AM - 4 PM
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About Our Park Programs

The Lynn Parks Department Recreation Program has been in operation for 75 years. It is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Works. We service children and adults throughout the year. The goal of the recreation program is to make available a general recreation program to every child and adult in the City of Lynn.

Our program is centered in only 10 neighborhood parks and playgrounds instead of the 20 more neighborhood parks and playgrounds throughout the city due to funding. The Lynn Parks Department brings these types of summer activities into each neighborhood in the city each day that our program is in operation. At the present time the program runs for five weeks during the months of July and August.

Our program is available to children of all social and economic circumstances. The program consists of athletic teams, clinics and leagues in softball, swim program, ski program, basketball, baseball, kickball, tennis, dodge ball, bowling league, and flag football. We also have arts and crafts, miniature golf trips, bowling trips, roller skating trips, movie night, dances, bike safety day, physical fitness day, cake decorating and sand castle contests, and much more for the younger, less athletic children. All programs are subject to funding.

Summer Programs Dates and Times
Summer Program Parks, Clinics and Leagues
5-Week Program Monday through Friday
July 5, 2016 through August 5, 2016
Monday - Thursday | 9 AM to 3 PM
Friday | 9 AM to 2:30 PM
Special Needs Camp Summer Program 5-Week Program Monday through Friday
July 5, 2016 through August 5, 2016
Monday - Thursday | 9 AM to 3 PM
Friday | 9 AM to 2:30 PM
Ongoing Progams  
Afterschool Program Bowling League
Tuesdays and Fridays
October through February
3 PM to 5 PM
Winter Program Baseball/Softball/Swim
4-Week Program every Sunday
8 AM to 3 PM
Winter Ski Program Ski
6-Week Program every Friday Evening
January through February
5 PM to 10 PM
Fall/Spring Program Tennis
5-Week Program every Saturday
September through October
May through June
9 AM to 1 PM

Youth Summer Jobs | Summer 2017
Registration Deadline |
Friday May 5, 2017 | Forms Available Below



The Lynn Summer Parks Programs Run 5 Weeks | July 5th - August 4th
Monday through Friday | 9 AM to 3 PM

1. Lynn Parks and Recreation Positions Available:
Counselor $11 Per Hour | Supervisor $13 Per Hr.| Clinic Instructor $11 Per Hour
** Applicants Must Be 17 to 21 Years Old To Apply **

2. Lynn Special Needs Camp Positions Available:
Counselor $11 Per Hour
** Applicants Must Be 16 – 21 Years Old To Apply **

Applications will be available at the Lynn City Hall Personnel Department in Room 412, at the Lynn DPW Administrative Office, 250 Commercial Street or downloading the forms below.

All Applications Must Be Returned To Lynn City Hall, Personnel Department (Room 412) by Friday, May 5th, 2017

New Item Acrobat Documents For Download (PDF)
  2017 Summer Employment Application
  2017 Summer Camper Application
  2015 SORI Form

For further information, please contact Lisa Nerich (781) 268-8000 ext. 12.

** All Programs Are Subject To Funding. **

City of Lynn 2017 Supervised Parks and Field Trips

Parks Open Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The following parks will be supervised from July 5th through August 4th
Monday through Thursday 9 AM - 3 PM and Friday’s 9 AM - 2:30PM

The City of Lynn will provide Park Instructors to the parks listed below. The instructors will provide the following activities during our 5 Week Program:
Field Trips, Special Events, Wiffleball Games, Arts & Crafts, Sports Activities, Entertainment, and Fun for all ages.


Lunch will be provided during park hours.

The Parks Program is available for children 6 years or older. No child is required to remain at the park. We do not provide INDIVIDUAL SUPERVISION or DAYCARE.

On Rainy Days the Parks will be closed!

All programs are available – pending funding.

Download Our Parks List and Calendar Here!

Field Trips Scheduled For 2017 | TBA

- Lego Land
| | 9 AM - 2 PM | $25
- Richardsons | | 9 AM - 2 PM | $20 (Mini Glof and Ice Cream)
- Salem Willows | | 9 AM - 2 PM | $20 (30 Tokens Pizza, Soda, Bumper Cars)
- Fun Day | | 9 AM - 2 PM | $10 (Gallagher Playground, Sports Activities and Cake Decorating)
- Boda Borg | | 9 AM - 3 PM | $40
- Navigator Game | | 9 AM - 2 PM | $10 (Hot Dogs, Chips, Soda)
- Mayor's Cookout At Gallagher Playground | | 9 AM - 3 PM (Tie Dye, Sports Activities, Inflatable Games, Lunch and More!)

All Field Trip costs include admission and transportation to and from the events. The Lynn Parks & Recreation can only accept Money Orders or Cash. Please download and fill out the forms below to register for any Field Trip. Please note: you must fill out the registration forms for your child to be able to attend any of the Field Trips.

New Item 2017 Parks Registration Form Required (PDF)
  Please download and fill out the Parks Registration Form
  2017 Open/Supervised Parks List (PDF) | Updated June 2017
  Please download Supervised Parks List

Supported by the The Lynn Parks and Recreation
(A Division of the Department of Public Works) Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy,
For further information please call Lisa Nerich (781) 477-7096

City Parks and Playgrounds Complete List

Ames Playground Boston Street (between Congress & Franklin St.)
Barry Park Boston Street (between Laurel & Cottage St.)
Bennett Street Playground End of Bennett St. (corner Elmwood Ave.)
Breed Park (includes Bowser Field/ O’Callaghan Way @ Breed Jr. High Rogato Field/Clancy Field) Tennis & Basketball Courts
Briarcliff Lodge Boat Ramp 112 Kernwood Dr. @ Lynnfield St. Camp Kiwanis Pennybrook Rd. at end (off Walnut St.)
Clark Street Playground Clark Street at end (off Eastern Ave.) (includes Bradley Campus Field)
Cook Street Playground Cook Street (between Allen & Rockaway St.)
Filene Playground Western Ave. (between Mall & Park St)
Flax Pond Playground Chestnut Street (between Pond & Carter Rd.) Tennis & Basketball Courts
Floating Bridge Park Western & Eastern Ave.
Fraser Field Western Avenue (between Maple & Washington St.) (includes Prunier Field at Locust St. end)
Frey Playground Walnut Street (between Dungeon Ave. & Oak St.) Tennis & Basketball Courts
Gallagher Playground Ontario Street – Linwood St. – Hurd St. Tennis & Basketball Courts
G.E.A.A. Field Summer St. (between Linden & Ashland St.) Tennis Courts
Goldfish Pond Park Lafayette Park (corner of Stephen St.)
Gowdy Park Cedarbrook Rd.(between Tuscan Rd. & Maple Valley Rd) Tennis & Basketball Courts
Harbor Landing Blosson Street (off of Lynnway)
Henry Avenue Playground Henry Avenue (at end)
High Rock Park High Rock Street (off Lawton Ave.)
Hood Park Holyoke Street Basketball Courts (between Winnepurkit & Rollins Ave.)
Keaney Park: Memorial Park Ave. (behind English High School)
Kiley Playground Sanderson Ave. at end (off Chatham Street) Tennis Courts
Lynn Commons North & South Common Street (Franklin to South St.)
Lynn Woods Playground Great Falls Road at end (Lynnfield St)
Magnolia Ave. Playground Magnolia Ave. (off Broadway) Neptune Blvd. Park Neptune Blvd. & Commercial St.
Northern Ave. Playground Northern Ave. at end (off North Franklin St.)
River St. Playground River St. at end (off of Western Ave. & Cooper St.)
Sagamore St. Playground Sagamore St. (off Lynnway between Washington St.- Newhall St.)
Sheridan Street Playground Sheridan Street (off Essex St)
Smith Street Playground Smith Street at end (between Green & School St)
Warren Street Playground Warren Street (between Commercial St & Huss Ct) Basketball Courts
Williams Ave. Playground Williams Ave. (between Chatham St & Empire St)

Parks and Playground Usage/Guidelines

New Item Acrobat Documents For Download (PDF)
  2010 Lynn Parks Usage and Parks Guide
  Lynn Playgrounds Map

Lynn Special Needs Camp Activities and Forms

Special Needs Camp

2016 Youth Summer Job Employment | To Be Announced
Lynn Special Need Camp

Lynn Special Needs Camp Programs Run 5 Weeks | July TBA – August TBA
Monday through Friday | 9 AM to 3 PM

1. Lynn Special Needs Camp Positions Available:
Counselor $8 Per Hr.

** Applicants Must Be 16 to 21 Years Old To Apply **

Applications are available at the Lynn City Hall Personnel Department, Room 105
or downloading the forms below.

New Item Acrobat Documents For Download (PDF)
  2016 Special Needs Camp Camper Application
  2016 Special Needs Camp Employment Application
  2014 Summer Jobs Flyer
  2014 CORI Form
  2014 SORI Form
  2011 Lynn Special Needs Camp Flyer
  2011 Lynn Special Needs Camper Application (Updated 4/06/2011)

All Applications Must Be Returned To Lynn City Hall, Personnel Department, by Friday, April TBA

For further information, please contact Lisa Nerich (781) 477-7096

** All Programs Are Subject To Funding. **

The Lynn Woods Reservation

The City of Lynn’s Department of Public Works, Park Commission, and Lynn Water and Sewer Commission share jurisdiction and management of the Reservation. The Park encompasses nearly one-fifth of the entire land area of the City and represents a significant natural, watershed, and public recreational resource in eastern Massachusetts. Visit the Lynn Woods webpage for more!

New Item Lynn Woods
  Click here for the Lynn Woods webpage

Community Gardens

Are you interested in starting a community garden? Interested in joining one that already exists?

Thanks to RCAM for our community garden photo.

In Spring 2015, the Park Commission approved processes for applying to run community gardens on City park lands. As a result, Lynn encourages residents to establish, manage, and maintain their own community garden sites on City-owned parks. Below are instructions and steps to create a new community garden on a Lynn park.

Community gardens are cultivated and maintained spaces where volunteers work collectively to achieve a common goal of growing fresh, healthy produce in our city. Currently the City has four active community gardens, run by various community and City groups.

How do I start a garden?
All new community gardens require advanced planning and approval through the Park Commission. Linked here, you will find the steps you need to take, and the required forms you need to fill out, to complete this process.

The following are the related forms required in the application. PDF downloads are available at the bottom of this page.

  • LCG Manual 2017
  • LCG Gardener Intake Form 2017
  • LCG New Garden Checklist 2017
  • LCG New Garden Application Form 2017

How do I join an existing garden?
Each garden is managed by one or more volunteer Garden Coordinators. Coordinators assign plots, help gardeners get seeds and compost, and provide information and advice to those who want it. Garden plots are available based on protocols decided by each garden site. Gardeners are charged a nominal fee of no less than $25 per year and asked to sign a letter of agreement recognizing the cities rights and the gardener's responsibilities.

Who do I contact?
For more support with application process or full information on existing gardens, and who to contact to be involved, please visit the website of the Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance.

All questions about the application process for new gardens, please contact Abigail Conner, Community Garden Network Coordinator with Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance.

For inquiries about existing garden site operations and maintenance, please contact Lisa Nerich, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Public Works.

New Item Acrobat Documents For Download (PDF)
  LCG Manual 2017
  LCG Gardener Intake Form 2017
  LCG New Garden Checklist 2017
  LCG New Garden Application Form 2017
  Do You Like To Garden Poster | 2017

Events and Activities

Lynn Parks & Recreation is proud to offer a variety of programs for young and old alike for the upcoming Fall and Winter season. Don't forget to visit our Musicals and Shows webpage for upcoming trips to Boston's theater's!

New Item Our Events and Activities Webpage
  Click here for our Events and Activities webpage

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