Updated: February 2015

Welcome to the Citizens Advisory Board

The Citizens Advisory Board advises the Mayor, with LHAND and Department of Community Development staff, in the implementation of the Citizen Participation Plan, and makes every effort to encourage citizen participation in the Community Development process. 

The Citizen Advisory Board disseminates information and holds public meetings and hearings about the Community Development Program, community needs, and proposals to meet those needs.  The Board facilitates communication between the public and professional staff, and advises the Mayor, through LHAND and Department of Community Development staff, regarding Community Development needs and program proposals.  Board members also provide ongoing communication with their respective City Councilors concerning housing and community development issues.  Finally, the Board strives to increase the quality of citizen participation in the Consolidated Planning process.

The meeting schedule and agenda, when available, is displayed in the City Clerk office and webpage as well as our Online Calendar.

Contact: Allison Perry, Department of Community Development
Phone: (781) 586-6763
Fax: (781) 477-7026

For addtional information and resources, please select an item from the left hand menu to view information and download links to available files and forms.

List Citizen Advisory Board Members | 2015
Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy Representatives | Appointments
Barbara McCann
384 Chatham Street
(781) 599-4514
Elizabeth L. Daly
27 Stephen Street
(617) 284-1106
(617) 780-7288
William Maciak
23 Briar Hill Drive
(781) - 595-8055 (h)
(781) 258-1850 (c)|
Lisa Bishop
150 Jenness Street
(781) 599-2967
Gregory Osias
47 Rogers Avenue
(617) 661-8686
Eunice Sanchez
19 Deer Park Avenue
(781) 248-6532 
Irma Chez
9 Michigan Avenue
(617) 962-0397
(781) 584-6021
Councilor-at-Large Representatives
Buzzy Barton Hong Net Dan Cahill
Francella Adamson
783 Summer Street
(781) 593-1757      
Cleo Hereford
73 High Rock Street
(617) 240-9298
Joe Gill
226 Woodland North
(617) 797-3268
Brendan Crighton    
Meaghen Hamill
57 Den Quarry Road
(781) 581-8801
Councilors Representatives
Ward 1 | Wayne Lozzi  Ward 2 | William Trahant Ward 3 | Darren Cyr

Beth Bresnahan
63 Crooker Drive
(781) 789-6281 (c)

James Gangi 
8 Manson Street
(781) 593-7992

Bridget Kimball
17 Beach Roiad
(978) 601-0428
Ward 4 | Richard Colucci Ward 5 | Diane Chakoutis Ward 6 | Peter Capano
Jeanne Curley
273 Ocean Street
(781) 593-9781 
(781) 893-3732 (w))
Jay Polonsky
46 Everett Street
(781) 598-5263 
Charles Rowe
104 W. Neptune Street
(781) 595-7194
Ward 7 | Rick Ford    

Keith Bransfield
17 Hilda Road
(781) 593-3978



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